The 10th Anniversary of the Founding of SEE Machinery Co., Ltd.


SEE Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a sci-tech enterprise specialized in research & development and manufacture of paper container forming equipment. It is a research unit for the national major sci-tech special project “globoidal CAM machining process research/globoidal cam industrialization, an enterprise which firstly creates middle-speed paper cup forming machines and high-speed paper cup forming machines in China, and the first company listed on the NEEQ stock market in the field...


We provide 24 hour free consultation service for you, the best combination of the whole integrated system solutions, selection of customized workshop of mechanical design, accurate and efficient with door-to-door service, utility and value-added service, really want you want to choose easily all easy, the whole process service system allows you to buy the rest assured that with peace of mind.



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